All in one Solar LED Street Light – For Project – YZ

Elevate your project’s lighting with the “All in one Solar LED Street Light – For project – YZ” This series, ranging from 100W to 400W, delivers lumens from 2000-3000LM to 5000-6000LM, catering to various lighting needs. It features high-capacity Lifepo4 batteries (3.2V 28AH to 55AH) and efficient solar panels (5V 20W to 45W), ensuring long-lasting and sustainable performance. Equipped with premium USA Bridgelux/Philips/Osram LED chips and offering a CCT range of 2700-6500K with a CRI of >70, it guarantees quality lighting. The durable die-casting aluminum body, IP66/IK09 rating, and smart features like Auto ON/OFF, Time Dimming, and Motion Sensor make it a robust and intelligent choice for any outdoor space. Perfect for streets, parks, and commercial areas, it comes with a 3/5 year warranty, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction in eco-friendly lighting solutions.


Welcome to a new era of lighting with the “All in one Solar LED Street Light – For Project – YZ,” a cutting-edge solution for modern lighting needs. This product is a fusion of efficiency, sustainability, and technological advancement, ideal for those seeking ‘high-performance and eco-friendly street lighting’ for various projects.

Advanced Lighting for Modern Projects

Versatile Wattage Options: Ranging from 100W to 400W, the YZ series is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of lighting requirements, making it perfect for ‘diverse outdoor lighting projects.’

Optimal Luminous Output: With lumens varying from 2000-3000LM to 5000-6000LM, it ensures bright and effective illumination, suitable for all ‘outdoor lighting needs.’

High-Capacity and Durable Battery: Equipped with Lifepo4 batteries (3.2V 28AH to 55AH), these lights provide consistent and long-lasting performance, crucial for ‘reliable solar street lighting.’

Efficient Solar Panels: With solar panel power from 5V 20W to 45W, these lights efficiently harness solar energy, making them an ideal choice for ‘sustainable lighting solutions.’

Premium Features and Specifications:

  • Top-Quality LED Chips: Utilizes USA Bridgelux/Philips/Osram chips for premium illumination.
  • Adjustable Color Temperature: CCT range of 2700-6500K to suit various environmental needs.
  • High Color Rendering Index: CRI >70, ensuring accurate color representation.
  • Exceptional Lighting Efficiency: Achieves 150-160lm/w, maximizing energy usage.
  • Robust Construction: Made from die-casting aluminum with an IP66/IK09 rating for maximum durability.
  • Smart Lighting Control: Features Auto ON/OFF, Time Dimming, and Motion Sensor.
  • Extended Operational Hours: Capable of 12-15 hours of lighting, withstanding 3-5 cloudy/rainy days.

Why Choose the All In One Solar LED Street Light YZ?

  • Wide Application: Ideal for streets, parks, commercial areas, and residential spaces.
  • Energy and Cost Efficiency: Reduces electricity costs and carbon footprint.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Designed for a long lifespan (50000 hours) with little to no upkeep.
  • Optimal Installation: Recommended mounting heights and distances for best lighting coverage.
  • Warranty Assurance: Comes with a 3/5 year warranty, providing long-term reliability.

Easy and Secure Purchase of All in one Solar LED Street Light – For Project – YZ

Available on call, the All in one Solar LED Street Light – For project – YZ is just a few clicks away from enhancing your project. Select the suitable wattage, add to your cart, and proceed with a secure and efficient checkout process. Invest in this high-quality, environmentally friendly solar LED street light and bring efficient, sustainable lighting to your project today.


Model YZ
Watts(w) 100W 200W 300W 400W
Lumens(Lumens) 2000-3000LM 3000-4000LM 4000-5000LM 5000-6000LM
Lifepo4 Battery(AH) 3.2V 28AH 3.2V 35AH 3.2V 43AH 3.2V 55AH
Solar Panel 5V 20W 5V 24W 5V 28W 5V 45W
LED Chip USA Bridgelux/Philips/Osram
CCT(K) 2700-6500K
CRI >70
Lighting Efficiency 150-160lm/w
Certificates CE/ROHS
Rainy Days 12-15hours, 3-5 cloudy/ rainy days
Work Temperature -25℃-+65℃
Work Mode Auto ON/OFF, Time Dimming, Motion Sensor
Material Die casting aluminum
Controller MPPT&PWM
Life time 50000hours
IP Rating/IK Class IP66/IK09
Mounting Height(Recommend) 3-4m 4-5m 5-6m 6-7m
Space between poles(Recommend) 10-15m 15-20m 20-25m 20-25m
Warranty 3/5 Years

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