Standard Specification of Solar LED Street Lighting

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What is the standard configuration of solar led street lighting from 20w to 150w? In the market, there are many companies who produce solar led street lighting, some companies are working at a early time before 2010, some companies are producing LED lighting, solar panel, pole/post, solar PV system, battery and seeing chances to open solar led street lighting business in recent years, which cause big problem to clients: they do not know how to adjust which company products are good, and what is the standard configuration of solar led street lighting in such a chaos market.

Structure of solar led light

Solar LED street lighting includes: LED lamp, LED chip, solar panel, battery, controller, sensor, remote control…Now, we take a sample as 40w to clarify the problem.


1. LED lamp: 40W;
2. Working time: 12hours;
3. Working day: 3 rain day;
4. Depth of discharge: 0.9;
5. Charging efficiency: 0.9;
6. Solar panel utilization: 0.9;
7. Battery decay: 0.8;
8. Sunshine time: 3.5hours.

From theory that clients believe are:
Battery=LED lamp*working time*(rain day+1)/Depth of discharge/Battery decay
=40*12*(3+1)/0.9/0.8=2667WH/12.8V(lifepo4 battery)=208AH
=40*12*(3+1)/0.9/0.8=2667WH/11.1V(lithium battery)=240.2AH
Solar panel=battery/sunshine time/charging efficiency/solar panel utilization

Different Opinion?

According to the marketing information, usually 40w solar LED street light, solar panel are from 50w to 90w, battery from 10ah to 20ah, not any company can meet requirement from theory which is normal and reasonable in such market. Owing to efficiency of battery, solar panel and LED lamp, if all meet so big configuration, price will be very high and no people can buy them, and it is not essential to do that. So, all companies will deduce configuration and make sure solar led street lighting can bring bright lighting effect in specific time, and just provide a little lighting in the dark, which is reasonable and in accordance with LED lamp opinion, saving energy and money.

Solutions for led street lamp

Even so, we need to know how to get the best proposals for solar led street lamp.

  • Improving lighting effect to 180lm/w;
  • Working method changes to motion sensor control, when people comes lighting for 100% energy, when people leave, lighting for 20%-30%energy;
  • Working method changes to time control, lighting for 100% in first 6hours, and lighting for 50% in the second 6hours;
  • However, some companies say for their products with fake configuration as below, only want to sell products but not responsible for clients:
  • Adding the configuration of solar panel and decrease the battery configuration;
  • Fake watts, fake battery configuration, fake solar panel configuration;
  • Using 3.2V or 6.4V battery system, and just tell clients big AH, not say voltage;
  • Second battery, Level B,C,D battery…recycle battery, Fake warranty, when there is problem with lighting, clients can not find them.


Know, many products price are transparent in China, but they are still many clients ask why your price is so high, expensive. From my heard, I really do not want to explain more, our Sungreat Energy products are with reasonable price, and we want to keep good reputation and can build a great brand, people will think of us when they hear our brand like Sum-sung, Apple, Philips, Siemens…
Anyway, we will continue to work following with our heart and do not like to sell fake products like some companies. Good luck to everyone, and hope you can find a reliable and trust partner.
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