Solar PTZ CCTV Camera Y5

The “Solar PTZ CCTV Camera Y5” is a cutting-edge security solution, combining high-definition surveillance with solar-powered efficiency. Equipped with dual HD sensors offering 4 million + 4 million resolution and H.265 video encoding, it ensures crisp, clear footage. The camera features a 2.5mm/120° wide-angle lens with manual rotation capabilities and an automatic PTZ function for comprehensive coverage. It offers versatile storage options, supporting up to 128GB onboard and 30 days of cloud storage. The Y5 model also includes a built-in microphone, powerful audio output, and optional optical zoom lenses for detailed views. Powered by a 6W ETFE solar panel and a robust 20000mah battery, it ensures sustainable and continuous operation. With infrared night vision up to 40 meters and advanced recognition capabilities, it provides enhanced security around the clock. Compatible with iOS and Android systems for easy remote access and available in both 4G and WiFi versions, the Solar PTZ CCTV Camera Y5 is ideal for a wide range of environments, backed by a 1/2/3 year warranty for reliable and eco-friendly surveillance solutions.

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Introducing the “Solar PTZ CCTV Camera Y5,” a state-of-the-art security solution designed for those seeking ‘high-definition surveillance with eco-friendly efficiency.’ Ideal for homes, businesses, and public areas, the Y5 model is perfect for users looking for ‘advanced and sustainable security systems.’ With a product inquiry button, accessing the best price for ‘cutting-edge solar-powered CCTV cameras’ is straightforward, ensuring ‘cost-effective and reliable security solutions.’

High-Performance Features for Comprehensive Security

Dual High-Definition Sensors: The Y5 is equipped with 4 million + 4 million dual HD sensors, delivering crisp and clear footage with H.265 video encoding for efficient storage and streaming.

Wide-Angle and PTZ Capabilities: Features a 2.5mm/120° wide-angle lens with manual 180° horizontal and 15° vertical rotation, complemented by an automatic PTZ function offering 355° pan and 90° tilt at 30°/sec for expansive area coverage.

Flexible Storage Options: Supports onboard storage up to 128GB and cloud storage for up to 30 days, ensuring ample space for recorded footage.

Enhanced Audio and Zoom Features: Includes a built-in 38db microphone, 8 ohms 3 watts audio output, and a 6mm lens with optional 2.8-12mm4X and 5-50mm10X optical zoom.

Eco-Friendly Design and Advanced Technology

  • Solar-Powered Efficiency: Comes with a 6W ETFE solar panel and a 20000mah battery, providing sustainable operation and reducing environmental impact.
  • Superior Night Vision: Offers an infrared night vision range of 5-40 meters, ensuring clear images even in low-light conditions.
  • Intelligent Recognition: Features 2T computing power, supporting humanoid and vehicle recognition for enhanced security.
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: Functions optimally within a temperature range of 15°-55°, suitable for various environmental conditions.

Ideal for Modern Security Needs

  • Versatile Application: Perfect for monitoring homes, business premises, and public spaces.
  • Remote Accessibility: Compatible with iOS7.1, Android 4.0, and above, allowing easy access and control from mobile devices.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Available in 4G and WiFi versions, ensuring seamless network integration.
  • Warranty Assurance: Comes with a 1/2/3 year warranty, offering reliability and peace of mind.

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Model Y5
Video resolution 4 million + 4 million dual high-definition sensors Video encoding H.265
White light 50 square Wide-angle lens 2.5mm/120° wide-angle lens (manual 180° horizontal rotation/15° vertical rotation)
Shell material Metallic paint plastic PTZ parameters Automatic pan rotation 355°/vertical rotation 90°30°/sec
Onboard storage Maximum support 128G Cloud storage Maximum support 30 days storage
Audio output 8 ohms 3 watts PTZ lens 6mm lens/2.8-12mm4X optical zoom/5-50mm10X optical zoom optional
Infrared night vision distance 5-40 meters Video mode All day recording, motion detection recording
Audio input Built-in 38db microphone System Configuration IOS7.1 Android 4.0 and above
Operating temperature 15°-55° Insight 2T computing power supports humanoid vehicle recognition
Solar panels 6W ETFE Battery 20000mah(21700-5000mah*4pcs)
Warranty 1/2/3 Years Charger 5V2A
Wireless module 4G version: LTDFDDWCDMA (refer to the parameters of each version for the specific frequency)
WIFI version: 2.4GHz wireless 802.11b/q/n wireless network

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