Solar PTZ CCTV Camera Q6

The Solar PTZ CCTV Camera Q6 is an advanced security solution, perfect for modern surveillance needs. This camera boasts dual functionality with WiFi and 4G connectivity, ensuring reliable operation across various networks in the US, Europe, and China. It features a 300W CMOS sensor SC2335 1/2.8 for high-quality image capture, along with intelligent detection capabilities including PIR, motion, and humanoid detection up to 15 meters. The Q6 excels in night vision with an effective range of 15-30 meters, using a 3MP Yutong HD lens for wide coverage. It’s powered by a robust 12800mAh lithium battery and supported by a 5V, 10W mono-crystalline solar panel, emphasizing eco-friendly energy use. The camera offers expansive storage options with support for TF Cards and cloud storage. Designed for comprehensive surveillance, it provides a wide viewing angle with 355° horizontal and 90° vertical movement, IP66 waterproof grading, and operates efficiently in temperatures ranging from -30℃ to +60℃. Backed by a 1/2/3 year warranty, the Solar PTZ CCTV Camera Q6 is an ideal choice for those seeking a sustainable, high-performance security system.

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Introducing the “Solar PTZ CCTV Camera Q6,” a state-of-the-art security solution designed for seamless surveillance in the digital age. Ideal for both residential and commercial settings, the Q6 model stands out as a top choice for ‘cutting-edge and eco-friendly security cameras.’ With the convenience of a product inquiry button, acquiring the best pricing for ‘solar-powered CCTV systems’ is now effortless, ensuring ‘advanced security with sustainable technology.’

Engineered for Excellence in Surveillance

Dual Functionality: Equipped with both WiFi and 4G capabilities, the Q6 offers versatile connectivity, supporting full-spectrum 4G networks in the US, Europe, and China.

Efficient Network Distribution: Features QR code scanning for quick setup, with Wi-Fi Quick Link for WiFi models and standard QR code scanning for 4G models.

Innovative Image Sensor: Boasts a 300W CMOS sensor SC2335 1/2.8, ensuring high-quality image capture.

Intelligent Detection: Includes PIR, motion detection, and humanoid detection with an effective range of 10-15 meters, enhancing security measures.

Advanced Features for Comprehensive Coverage

  • Night Vision Capability: Offers effective lighting distance of 15-30 meters, ensuring clarity in low-light conditions.
  • High-Quality Lens: Equipped with a 3MP Yutong HD lens (3.6MM F=2.8) providing a 120-degree horizontal field of view.
  • Robust Battery Life: Powered by a 12800mAh lithium battery, ensuring prolonged operation.
  • Eco-Friendly Solar Panel: Includes a 5V, 10W mono-crystalline solar panel, promoting sustainable energy use.
  • Expansive Storage Options: Supports TF Cards (4GB-128GB) and cloud storage for versatile data management.

Designed for Modern Security Needs

  • Wide-Ranging Movement: Offers a panoramic view with 355° horizontal and 90° vertical movement.
  • Durable and Weatherproof: IP66 waterproof grade, making it suitable for various weather conditions.
  • Efficient Wake Up/Sleep Function: Maintains a ready state with a 15-second wake-up time.
  • Operational in Extreme Temperatures: Functions in temperatures ranging from -30℃ to +60℃.

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Model Q6
Function Wifi 4G
Frequency 2.4Gwifi Support full spectrum 4G networks in the us, Europe and China
Distribution network Qr code scanning+Wi-Fi Quick link Qr code scanning
SIM card Not Supported Nano SIM
Main Domain Controller Ingenic T31Z low power wi-fi chip
Image Sensor 300W CMOS sensor SC2335 1/2.8
Mobile detection PIR+motion detection+humanoid detection multiple intelligent detection, effective distance 10-15 meters
Night vision distance Effective lighting distance is about 15-30 meters
Camera lens   3MP Yutong HD lens 3.6MM F=2.8 Horizontal FOV 120 degrees
Battery 4*18650 lithium battery, 12800mAh
Solar Panel 5V, 10W, mono-crystalline
Memorizer Support TF Card 4GB-128GB and cloud storage
ANGLE Horizontal: 355° Vertical: 90°
Playback Event list playback and cloud storage playback
Grade of waterproof IP66
Wake up/sleep time 15s do not sleep
Temperature ‘-30℃ ~+60℃
Humidity ≤80%RH
Warranty 1/2/3 Years

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