LED Linear Light FJ

The “LED Linear Light FJ” series is a premium lighting solution, designed to bring a modern and efficient illumination to various settings, including offices, commercial areas, and contemporary homes. Available in 60W, 120W, 150W, and 200W options, these lights deliver a luminous efficiency of 8400-9000lm to 28000-30000lm, suitable for a range of applications. They are equipped with high-quality Lumileds / Epistar LED chips and powered by Philips drivers, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. The adjustable color temperature range from 2700-6500K allows for customization according to different lighting needs. With a CRI of >80, they offer vibrant color rendering, essential in both working and living spaces. The lights feature diverse beam angles (60°, 90°, and 120°) for flexible lighting distribution, a high power factor of ≥0.9, and operate efficiently within a voltage range of 110-265V AC. Their construction from durable aluminum alloy and UV-resistant polycarbonate cover, along with a working environment range of -20℃ to +50℃, makes them robust and versatile. Compliant with multiple certifications including CE, ROHS, ENEC, and more, the LED Linear Light FJ series promises safety, quality, and an extended warranty of 1/2/3 years, making it an ideal choice for those seeking stylish, efficient, and high-quality linear lighting solutions.

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Introducing the “LED Linear Light FJ,” a sophisticated and high-performance lighting solution designed for a variety of settings, including offices, commercial spaces, and modern residential areas. The FJ series is a perfect choice for ‘seamless and energy-efficient linear lighting.’ With a user-friendly product inquiry button, getting the best deals for ‘state-of-the-art LED linear lights’ is now a breeze, ensuring ‘uniform and stylish illumination for contemporary spaces.’

Designed for Superior Lighting Experience

Versatile Wattage Range: Available in 60W, 120W, 150W, and 200W, catering to different lighting needs.

High-Quality LED Chips: Equipped with premium Lumileds / Epistar LEDs for consistent and reliable lighting.

Adjustable Color Temperature: Offers a CCT range from 2700-6500K, adaptable for different atmospheres and preferences.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Illumination

  • Excellent Color Rendering: With a CRI of >80, it ensures vibrant and accurate color representation.
  • Diverse Beam Angles: Available in 60°, 90°, and 120°, providing flexibility in lighting distribution.
  • Efficient Power Usage: Features a power factor of ≥0.9, highlighting energy efficiency.
  • Wide Input Voltage Range: Designed to operate on 110-265V AC, suitable for various electrical systems.
  • High Lighting Efficiency: Delivers 140-150lm/w, ensuring bright and effective lighting.

Crafted for Durability and Aesthetic Appeal

  • Premium Materials: Constructed from aluminum alloy with a UV-resistant polycarbonate cover for longevity and elegance.
  • Optimized Working Environment: Designed to function optimally in conditions ranging from -20℃ to +50℃, with a humidity range of 10% to 90% RH.
  • Certified and Safe: Compliant with CE, ROHS, ENEC, CB, LM79, TM-21, IP20, and IK09 standards, ensuring top-notch quality and safety.
  • Extended Warranty: Comes with a warranty of 1/2/3 years, offering peace of mind and reliability.

Ideal for Modern Spaces

  • Energy and Cost Savings: Reduces electricity bills and minimizes environmental impact.
  • Sleek Design: Adds a touch of modernity to any space with its sleek and elegant design.
  • Uniform Lighting: Perfect for creating a uniform and glare-free lighting environment.
  • Easy Installation: Simple setup process with minimal maintenance requirements.

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Model FJ
Watts(W) 60W 120W 150W 200W
Lumens 8400-9000lm 16800-18000lm 210000-22500lm 28000-30000lm
LED Chip Lumileds / Epistar
CCT(K) 2700-6500K
Driver Philips
CRI >80
THD <15%
Angle 60°,90°,120°
Power Factor ≥0.9
Input Voltage 110-265V AC
Frequency 50-60HZ
Lighting Efficiency 140-150lm/w
Cover Material UV-resistant Polycarbonate
Working Environment -20℃~+50℃,10%~90%RH
Certificates CE/ROHS/ENEC/CB/LM79/TM-21/IP20/IK09
Material Aluminum alloy
Warranty 1/2/3 Years

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