LED Explosion Proof Lights 006

The “LED Explosion Proof Lights 006” series is engineered for resilience and safety in hazardous environments, perfect for industries like oil and gas, chemical, and mining. Offering a wide range of wattages from 50W to 500W, these lights meet various industrial requirements. They adhere to strict safety standards including GB3836.1, GB3836.2, and GB3836.3, ensuring reliability in explosive atmospheres. With a color temperature range of 3000-6500K and a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of over 75, they provide clear and accurate illumination, essential in safety-critical environments. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures (-40℃ to 55℃), these lights are equipped with a high power factor (0.92-0.98) and exceptional lighting efficiency (100-130lm/w). The explosion proof rating (Ex de llC T6Gb) and WF2 corrosion protection make them ideal for challenging and volatile industrial settings. Backed by a 3/5 year warranty, these lights offer a combination of durability, safety, and energy efficiency, making them a dependable choice for illuminating high-risk areas.

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Introducing the “LED Explosion Proof Lights 006,” a robust and reliable lighting solution specifically designed for hazardous and challenging industrial environments. Ideal for sectors such as oil and gas, chemical, and mining, the 006 model stands out as a top choice for ‘highly durable and safe lighting solutions.’ With the convenience of a product inquiry button, you can effortlessly access the best pricing for ‘industrial-grade LED explosion proof lights,’ ensuring ‘optimal illumination in high-risk areas.’

Engineered for Extreme Conditions

Wide Range of Wattages: Available in 50W, 70W, 100W, 120W, 150W, 200W, 300W, and 500W, catering to diverse industrial lighting needs.

Adherence to Executive Standards: Complies with GB3836.1, GB3836.2, GB3836.3, B12476.1, and GB12476.5, ensuring the highest safety standards.

Customizable Color Temperature: Offers a CCT range of 3000-6500K, adaptable for various operational environments.

High Color Rendering Index: With a CRI of >75, these lights provide clear and accurate color representation, crucial in safety-focused settings.

Designed for High Performance in Hazardous Areas

  • Class I Insulation and High Power Factor: Ensures safe operation with a power factor between 0.92-0.98.
  • Resilient to Extreme Temperatures: Capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -40℃ to 55℃, suitable for a variety of industrial applications.
  • High Lighting Efficiency: Delivers an efficiency of 100-130lm/w, ensuring bright and effective illumination.
  • Explosion-Proof Rating: Rated Ex de llC T6Gb, making it safe for use in explosive atmospheres.
  • Corrosion Protection: Features a WF2 corrosion protection grade, enhancing durability and lifespan.

Ideal for Challenging Industrial Settings

  • Versatile Application: Perfect for securing safe lighting in explosive or hazardous zones across diverse industries.
  • Enhanced Workplace Safety: Reduces the risk of accidents related to inadequate lighting in sensitive areas.
  • Energy and Cost Savings: Minimizes electricity consumption, leading to reduced operational costs.
  • Warranty Assurance: Backed by a 3/5 year warranty, offering long-term reliability and peace of mind.

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Model 006
Watts(W) 50W 70W 100W 120W 150W 200W 300W 500W
Executive standard GB3836.1 、 GB3836.2 、GB3836.3、B12476.1、GB12476.5
CCT(K) 3000-6500K
Insulation class Class I
CRI >75
Operating temperature -40℃ ~55℃
Power Factor 0.92-0.98
Input Voltage AC220V
Frequency 50-60Hz
Lighting Efficiency 100-130lm/w
Explosion proof grade Ex de llC T6Gb
Inlet port specifications G3/4
Corrosion protection grade WF2
Warranty 3/5 Years

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