How to install automatically pole lift for led lighting?

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As all we know, labor force is increasing a lot now in the world, we need to afford expensive installation fee for labor force when install led lighting in the highway, public road, park, village, city…Which can bright happy and sunshine for residents.

Recently, Portable pole device is new and hot and popular in the market, which only 1 people who are in the safe and convenient situations, and can install led lighting for below 12meters pole/post, which can solve labor force feed, and suitable for different roads and complex environments, making installation implementation more fast, safe, and convenient.

Main structure

1. Electrical cabinet: including cabinet, hydraulic pump, 24V battery, electricity meter, lifting button;
2. Hydraulic equipment: box, hydraulic cylinder, hoop;

Main parameters

1. Hydraulic equipment specifications: 610mm*220mm*220mm
The elbow part faces the installation direction;
Electrical cabinet specifications: 500mm*300mm*250mm
2. Packing specification: 650mm*350mm*500mm
3. Hydraulic equipment: 45kg, electrical cabinet 40kg, total weight: 85kg
4. Applicable poles: all types of poles within 12 meters
5. Maximum load: 600 catties
6. Battery usage frequency: pole can be erected> 50 times when fully charged; pole erection time: 20 seconds
7. Use times:> 3000 times
8. Operators: 1-2 people

Equipment configuration list

1. 1 set of equipment
2. Ground cage hooks: 4 sets of M16, M18, M20, M22, 2 each;
3. 1 pull cart;

Equipment applicable to light pole standards

Various types of light poles within 12 meters (the nuclear load is 600 catties)
2. Requirements for lamp pole flanges: (see the figure below)
①, the edge of the light pole is more than 55mm away from the center of the waist circle hole
②The center of the waist circle hole is less than 50mm from the flange edge
③The diameter of the waist hole is more than 9mm larger than that of the anchor screw

Use precautions

1. Note for initial use: 5L of No. 46 hydraulic oil, pour it into the hydraulic cylinder;
2. Screw the ground cage hook into the anchor bolt to a safety depth of 20mm;
3. It is strictly forbidden to stand under the light pole during operation;
4. Erect the light pole to about 80 degrees, pause and press again to eliminate inertia and avoid shaking the light pole.

operation guide

Choose the appropriate installation direction, and screw the two L-shaped ground cage hooks and anchor cage bolts to a safety depth of 20mm.


Anyway,we can find and search more ideas/opinions to get full use of our energy and get the best good results. Then we will get good reputations from governments when we finish projects for some solar street lighting/solar garden lamp around the world.

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