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Sungreat Energy organises camping every 3-4 months, like high moutains, seaside, park…During the camping, colleagues can join many interesting games, poker, Hero Kill, dabble, by yacht, barbecue, fly kites, set up a tent, dancing, singing, campfire party in the night…

To strengthen body health and keep a good habit, Sungreat Energy takes employees to do exercise often and go hiking on the weekend, Wutong Mountain, Tanglangshan Country Park, Yangtai Mountain, Meishan Mountain… From 215m to 1500m, and takes 2-6hours to climb, all people enjoy the life together.

Sungreat Energy extremely pay attention to employees’ work and life, so as usual, there will be holding daily activities to relax from work, providing snacks, coffee, milk, mousse cakes, fruits like banana, orange, durian, suprise gift, biscuits, fried chicken and patato…Likewise, it is a reading book time on every wednesday noon from 3pm to 5pm, and colleagues can share idea and opinions. Sungreat Energy trust that only treat employees as family, then a strong, powerful and joint team can work together well and creat a miracle.

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